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Dr. Emily M. Shwedel loves her life as a dentist. She sees her work as being a melding of art and science, along with allowing her to spend time with people and getting to know each individual as a whole person, not just a dental patient.

Dr. Shwedel relishes hearing her patients’ stories about vacations, adventures, children, and grandchildren, and is always ready with a few anecdotes of her own. She believes in compassionate dental treatment, since she’s aware that some patients stress about a trip to the dentist, so Dr. Shwedel always spends time talking with patients about their concerns, their dental treatment options, and what is going to happen.

She knows that empowering her patients with information they can understand will reassure them that they are in excellent, gentle hands.

Education and Continuing Education

Dr. Shwedel is a strong believer in continuing education. She attends conferences and takes courses to stay up to date on the latest dental treatments and options. She knows that continuing education is essential to provide her dental patients with the most proven dental treatments available.

Professional Associations

Personal Life

A native of southeastern Michigan, Dr. Shwedel lives with her husband Darrin, who is an eye doctor. Together, the couple has three children: a daughter named Lindsay and two sons, Dylan and Spencer.

To keep busy out of the office, Dr. Shwedel enjoys exercising, with indoor cycling and running through her neighborhood being particular favorites. She also loves arts and crafts projects: taking her children to local parks, and traveling to warmer climates. Dr. Shwedel volunteers at her children’s school and really enjoys the time spent reading and writing with the children.

Her advice to patients: Please stop drinking soda! Sodas have been compared to battery acid in how destructive they can be to your teeth!

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